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music CD by Kath Tait

Vive Le Trafic!    -      2001

* The Cyclist From Hell   click this to listen to some of the song   click this to listen to some of the song in flash
* Organic Song
* The Fading Roses   click this to watch an animaton and listen to 2 minutes and 22 seconds of this song
* Bollocks! I've Got Too Many Lovers
* The Poet / Bouree In Em (J.S. Bach)
* The Wrong Train
* Singer / Songwriter From Hell
* Daring Adventures
* A Friendly Song
* Prozac
* Don't Rush Me
* Legs and Wheels
* Roller Skating (to the Blue Danube)

Kath Tait: Guitar, Vocals, Concertina, Harmonica, Bass.
Jane Bom - Bane: Vocal Harmonies     Teresa Maguire: Fiddle     Dave Thorpe: Mandolin
Shaun Williamson: Photography        Sonja van Kerkhoff: Cover Design
All Songs Written by Kath Tait except for Track 9, tune by J.S. Bach
Recorded in London, January 2001.

music CD by Kath Tait
Bastard     -      1996
* Bastard!
* Poor Dim Sally
* Fortune & Fate
* The hole in the hedge
* Steel hearted Annie
* Books on your shelves
* Small town eccentrics
* Cecilia Brown
* Willy Sim
* The man with the hat
* Work on that man
* Strangers & foreigners
* Silence is gold plated
* The river of life
* Elspeth Blythe-Stone
* The moon & the darkness and you
* The waterfront pigeons
All Songs Written by Kath Tait.