Proposal                    A Guided Tour of Sonja's Art

"a time for every purpose..."

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An interactive exploration not only on themes related to time and nature but also on variations in subjective time from haste to leisure.

by Sonja van Kerkhoff & Sen McGlinn,
incorporating the following:

Images + objects by: Jacqueline Wassen (The Netherlands), Alexis Hunter (U.K.), Christophe Doucet (France). Performers: Toroa and Tamatea McGlinn - van Kerkhoff
Sounds (music, vocals, etc): Kath Tait, (U.K.)
Ben Koen (U.S.A.), Joe Feilder, (U.S.A.), Mark Laurant + Brenda Liddiard (New Zealand), and Tama, Toroa and Sonja van Kerkhoff.
Texts: T.S. Elliot's The Waste Land and The Four Quartets, Sen McGlinn's New Vessels, and Bob Schwarz's Short story, Why I don't write like...

Below is scheme indicating function of some of the levels we have started on -
No level is finished:
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  • "Intro"
    Mouse over, starts the clocks. The centre is the entrance (on click).
  • "two tunnels + the turning spirals"
    Left Tunnel: Children play with time. Mouse click creates clocks that tick. Keep clicking and the clocks swell and distort and eventually lead to the next level.
  • "Right Tunnel"
    Themes on movement and associations with "blue". Click on Left tunnel: Mouse over and Mouse click affect the movement and timing. Right tunnel: runs into hybernation.

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