Proposal and in progress                   Art by Sonja

"Dans le jardin des beaux arts"

CDrom by Sonja van Kerkhoff & Sen McGlinn,
collaborating with or incorporating work by:

Jacqueline Wassen (The Netherlands), Alexis Hunter (U.K.), Ben Koen (U.S.A.), Bob Schwarz (U.S.A.), Christophe Doucet (France), Joe Feilder, (U.S.A.), Joseph Houseal (U.S.A.), Kath Tait, (U.K.), Liz Coats(New Zealand),

In various scenarios the snail is a metaphor for nature, the self, the soul, the traveller, the flaneur, the feminine, the humane.

The CDrom, "Dans le jardin des beaux arts" is an adventure you can encounter in varying levels and layers. It incorporates interactive elements, some the work of the artists in this project, video clips from the project at the Sarjeant Gallery in New Zealand and elements from the exhibitions and performances in Leiden, den Bosch, and Taller (France).

Below are a few flash elements.

Music: Kath,
Sung Acapella: Debora
Voices: Catherine, Sonja
Snail drawing: Jacqueline
Other illustrations: Sonja

click to view this flash file (839 kb)

"Space" (just the beginning, the cube then takes off into space)

Sounds: Nature and Sonja,
Illustrations: Sonja

click to view this flash file (59 kb)

"Travel" (A snail is the guide, the flanuer, the observer, the visitor, the home-body.)

Music: Ben and Joe
Sounds: Nature and Sonja,
Video: Sonja (actors: Toroa & Tama)
Illustrations: Sonja
Text: Sonja

So far, all the elements for this are made in Director. It would too slow for viewing on the internet. When I have time I will add some segments here.

view one segment in flash(330 kb)