Savour the experience

by Sonja van Kerkhoff, 1993

For my graduation in sculpture I made a series of performances during the European Art Schools Biennale, at openings, on the street, in front of the city chambers and in an old church. I chose the form of 'ordinary' one to one encounters where I presented a tray of transparent egg cups as art for sale.

I was an artist selling my wares. A student graduating and moving into the art world.

Savour the Experience,
performance, 1993,
location: in the foyer of the  
Academy of Visual Arts, Maastricht.

My purpose was to get people to talk about art and to handle it. Each object had the words, Savour the experience engraved on them, and this was my point. That art was experience and this performance focused on the presentation of an art experience.

In 1994 I used footage from these performances to make a 6 minute video where a voice-over discusses what happens when an artist presents her art to the world.

performance by Sonja van Kerkhoff

Savour the Experience,
performance, 1993,
location: MECC, Maastricht.

Savour the Experience,
performance, 1993,
location: Landbouwbelang at the
"Multiple Sounds" Opening, Maastricht.

video clip to come
A page about the video

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