The experience of change

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Made as part of the course work for our masters of Media Technology
at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands.
Soon I will add our paper about this project.
In the meantime look around at other work by
Sonja on this website.

We focused on the principles of the I Ching as a way of 'making choices out of a database' rather than imitating the I Ching's outward form or the aspects of 'prophecy' or oracle.
We aimed to give some 'luminous' meaning to this system by using colour, animation and sound in ways that had both specific (identifiable) and abstract associations. While one colour emerges as the final colour for the hexagram, you are also aware of the changes that colour had gone through, and you see movement like ripples over this field of colour in patterns that seem sometimes geometric and sometimes organic, which are infinitely changing.