The Gardeners / Een tuin vol...

an interactive projection with stereo sound
by Loren Roosendaal + Sonja van Kerkhoff, 2006

Try-out on 9 September 2006 during the Dutch Open monument weekend.

Stereo Sound. 49 seconds.
22nd Oct 2006 try-out

A longer video of the above in a new window
Stereo Sound. 4 minutes, 27 seconds.
22nd Oct 2006 try-out.

the gardeners
September 24th, 2006, a dancer
with a version of 20 'creatures'
and an animated background.

Click to play this in a new window.
It may take a few minutes to load.
No sound. 3 minute, 24 second video.


Gardening as a metaphor
for interaction

Who gardens who
and who are the gardeners?

Wie is de tuiner en
wat is de tuin?

"the game draws people in"
Stephen Wilson, U.S.A.

(San Francisco author, artist, professor who explores the cultural implications of new technologies
cited here.)

Spanish tourists, 23 September 2006, Scheltema Arts Complex,
Leiden, The Netherlands.

Click to play open a new window with a video of some Spanish tourists
interacting with the Gardeners, 23 September 2006
No Sound. 41 seconds.

The gardeners are curious.

If a person moves slowly and gently they will seem to follow, nudge and begin to swell, eventually turning yellow at the edges.
If the 'contact' remains long enough (the minimum time is about 30 seconds but it depends on the state of the 'creature' (it has 3 states) and on the slowness of the movements made by the person), then an image of that person appears inside the "creature": a memento of this interaction.

If the person moves too fast or violently, then the "creature" moves away, becoming smaller and turning red.

9 September 2006, version

9th September 2006 try out, Scheltema Arts Complex,
Leiden, The Netherlands.

Loren and I explored ideas around the theme of gardening as a form of responsive interaction, which then could be seen as a form of control or cultivation. This is why we chose a playful interface. With play, issues of control are not clear.

Visitors learnt that caring gesture resulted in more interaction with "the gardeners".

9th September 2006 try out


2007    Teleacnot New Year event, Hilversum, The Netherlands
2006    21 October, in De Waag, as part of Science Week in Leiden
2006    12 - 24 September, in Scheltema, Leiden, as part of the Media Technology student exhibition

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