He rārangi wā - 2020 - unfolds

Hinged Painting Installation
by Sonja van Kerkhoff, 2020


The graphs correlate to the 11 months of 2020 showing the number of deaths due of covid-19 for 6 countries.
China is shown as yellow, Aotearoa - New Zealand - black, USA - red, Italy darker green, Brazil, lime green.
Each month is penciled at the top of each fold in the wood.


Materials: Three wooden hinged panels, acrylic, gesso, varnish.
The work can be opened or closed by visitors.

The two language title refers to a sequence in time and the fact that the panels open out, while the profiles of the outer panels reference stage curtains.
The lines, black for Aotearoa, red for the U.S., blue for the U.K., dark green for Italy, light green for Brazil, and yellow for China, correlate to the number of deaths due to COVID-19 with each 'fold' in the wood as a month in 2020. The folds are not evenly spaced, and the bled and uneven lines translate numbers into markings with subjective and emotive resonance.

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