Ko toku aroha


Etching by Sonja van Kerkhoff

Limited edition print by Sonja van Kerkhoff + Sen McGlinn
Ko toku aroha (My love), etching, 1989, 20 x 36 cm. Edition of 14.
5 prints are available in red, and black and white. 270 Euros, unframed + P&P.


2011prints, paintings and sculptural objects   Activite, Leiderdorp, The Netherlands

2008    Threads of the Day Leids Wevershuis, Leiden Museum of Weaving, Leiden, The Netherlands

2004Oceania, Terpkerk, Urmond Terp Church (now used as an art gallery), Urmond, The Netherlands.

1989Diverse Hearts solo show, Centrum 77, Hilversum

One of the words for an artist in New Zealand Māori is "mahi ā ringa" which means work by hand and this is one of a series of paintings and prints where a female Māori-like ancestral figure's tongue turns into a hand. The tongue, words, turn into hands that are at work. In this work I've focussed on creating a sense of energy/spirit (wairua) in the spaces between the hands as a symbol for spiritual and passionate love.

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