The Letters of the Living

lithograph by Sonja van Kerkhoff, 1996

The Letters of the Living, lithograph. Edition of 27. 35cm in diameter.

The colours vary more gradually. The colors are more luminous and the lines
are sharp lines on the white-cream colour of the paper.
Made in Sjra Marx's Print Studio, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

10 prints are in private collections.

These drawings were originally for an installation of 19 flags made for the 1996 Oerol international arts festival. That year´s theme was magnetism, and I chose a period of nineteenth-century Iranian Bahá'í history as my starting-point.
The first 19 followers of this religion took great personal risks, in leaving an established religion to become part of a newly emerging one to follow the Báb (meaning The Gate or The Entrance).
As I worked on these drawings, I realised that uncertainty, restraint and alienation were as much a part of any quest as desire, passion and conviction. So these drawings and flags became the result of my own quest to express the magic, attraction, uncertainty and challenge of the spirit.
The dark circle is not only a reference to sufi mysticism but also a symbollic 'sky' (heavenly or spiritual realm) for the constellation of 'letters' (apostles) of a new alphabet (religion).


2008    Threads of the Day Leids Wevershuis (Leiden Museum of Weaving),
Leiden, The Netherlands.
2006Turks Express Cultural Festival, Vredenburg Music Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2004Oceania, Urmond solo show, The Netherlands
2000ARS galerie Leiden, The Netherlands
1998Inkt galerie, The Hague, The Netherlands
1998Gemeentehuis (City Chambers), The Hague, The Netherlands

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