Waterproof acrylic on plywood by Sonja van Kerkhoff, 2018

Painting by Sonja van Kerkhoff
120 x 120 cm

     Still from a video by Peter de Wal
Still from a video + drone footage by Peter de Wal showing
about 300 of the of painted panels
85 days (30 Aug) into the project
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     Painting by Sonja van Kerkhoff
Detail of the painting, "Meditation"

This was painted between dawn and dusk as part of Dirk Hakze's "The Colourfield Performance" where for 101 days (15 May - 15 September 2018) a maximum of 7 artists painted in the outdoors on one of the 499 outdoor panels which collectively created a land art work - a 233 metre (one of the Fibonacci sequence numbers) equilateral triangle of colours in the flat reclaimed land near the historical Fries city, Sloten (Sleat in the Fries language).

This, the 3rd painted panel land art project created by Dirk Hakze and a team of volunteers, was developed as a parallel programme of the 2018 Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture where their theme "Community" is embedded in the making of this land art work.
Almost 400 artists from 14 countries participated.
Most artists wrote titles and stories on the reverse.

My contribution is a meditation that transverses the horizon. From a distance there are shifting illusions and close up all the colours of the palette.

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Painting by Sonja van Kerkhoff
Detail of the painting, "Meditation"
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