Sonja in 2004
A 2004 look.
Photo: Alexis Hunter, U.K

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My Blog usually has travel, art, and new media related mention of either where I've been or what I've been writing or doing. I usually post something about once a month.

I exhibit my artwork (videos, installations, interactive stuff, you name it) 3 to 4 times a year and the future page has current + future shows, and the By Date page has the latest work at the top.

My Facebook page usually indicates what I'm doing. I use it like Twitter for short announcements.

I rarely go to my LinkedIn page. There's a listing of my design and new media related stuff. My cv page on this website has art projects at the top and design or lecture related work at the bottom. I was employed as a multimedia designer for the Dutch Educational Broadcasting Corporation TeleacNOT for 8 years and now has my own business as a freelance designer, animator, illustrator...

My YouTube videos are generally related to music by friends or documentation of art projects. And I've started adding some art oriented videos on Vimeo and oneday I'll investigate show in a box. I'll post a link here when I do.   This page lists the videos I've made.

My MySpace sounds are just a few experiments and when I get to putting more stuff there, I'll change this text. This page lists some soundpieces.

I am a Bahai and I write an occasional column for the: Bahai Rants blog and occasionally I write papers, articles or reviews. Occasionally I put stuff on my Just a Bahai Wordpress blog.

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