"Film + Kunst" | "Film + Art"

25 artists, 24 films from the 2013 Leiden International Short Film Experience, 16 theatre, music or dance performances

Curated by Sonja van Kerkhoff

Galerie de Pieter
Breestraat 46, Leiden, The Netherlands
An artist run gallery in the old city centre post office.
The building was demolished in 2015.

31 May - 7 July 2013

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Just after the 7 July performance by KETEL HAEZER met fragmenten IlIASZ
Geluidstheater live ‘chloor voor de oren’ by Klaas Bolhuis
which is why the gallery is filled with theatrical fog and props.
Left wall: drawings by Christiaan van Tol.

Above Detail of the main room showing “Behind the Window” by Nagham Abboud, Iran, one of the LISFE festival videos incorporated into this show.
On the wall opposite (right) drawings and paintings by Christiaan van Tol were his interpretations of this film.
Other videos visible here are (left of the pillar): “Ablutions” by Sonja van Kerkhoff, “Ontpoppen” by Theolieke Smit,
and (right of the pillar) “Pulp Fiction” by Quentin Tarantino which had text painted during the "Bed Peace" performance
by Carmen McGlinn and Sonja van Kerkhoff.
Works on the walls, left to right: Bluish image by Wendy van Baar, Brownish image, photograph by Erik Flikkenschild, Small photograph by Fields of Wonder, 5 drawings by Christie Greeve, Black photo by Iris Mechielsen, two photographs by Erik Flikkenschild, Collages by Henk Hennemann

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Detail of the video installation by Inge Reisbergman in the safe of the old post office
with works by Adrian Faes + Katharina Pöhlmann.

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Detail of a responsive projection by Sonja van Kerkhoff during the theatre
performance by Kuiper|Berbée with music by “Vetschiller”


Inge Reisberman
Fields of Wonder
Yoke Ferwerda
Daniëlle Celie
Barthel Brussee
Wendy van Baar
Robbert Pauwels

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Detail of the 31 May performance by Emilie Gallier involving movement
and manipulated interactive video projections
using isadora software.

Christiaan van Tol
Katharina Pöhlmann
Suzanne van Rossenberg
Carmen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff
Erik Flikkensch​ild
Gideon, Roggeveen|Olijerhoek, Erik
Catharina van Velden
Coen van der Geest
De Natte Wang / Kuiper en Berbee
Iris Mechielsen
Christie Greeve
Loes van Dorp
Theolieke Smit
Emilie Gallier
Michel Siebes
Astrid Moors
Adrian Faes
Henk Hannemann

Performances by:

8 performances by Roggeveen|Olijerhoek ((site specific theatre with invited guests + channel broadcast))

Kuiper en Berbee
+ Vetschiller (original songs + theatre)

Dempsey (original songs)

The Happy Acorns (americana + alt country)

Feyen en Vermasse (early music)

“Everything is Breath,” by “Levendlijf” (site specific dance-theatre)

Fields of Wonder (site specific dance-theatre)

“The Dorsal Chance,” by Emilie Gallier (site specific dance-theatre)

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