Exhibition-project with one of the five
"HOMETOWN" houses coordinated by the arts foundation Peen en Ui

30 August 2015

on the bridge above "Annie's Verjaardag" over the oud Rijn canal, Leiden, The Netherlands

Curated by Sonja van Kerkhoff

Ioana Tudor | Pink Meltzer | Piet Franzen | Sonja van Kerkhoff

4 hours of performances and installations in and around this "home-house" in the city centre.
Left to right along the railing of the bridge, print-objects by Sonja van Kerkhoff.


Leiden artist and theatre maker, Ioana Tudor sat on a chair inside the house and read text messages while the sign at her feet read "Do you think I am white or not white? Send a text to ..." Behind hung "The Gossamer Prison" by Sonja van Kerkhoff. Below is "The Prison of Self" one of the print-objects hung along the railing.

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