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Symposia | Festivals | Exhibitions organized

  • Issues of Engagement in Digital Media Artworks and Literature, 2008, 5 speakers,
    University of Leiden, The Netherlands

  • Semester Project Exhibition, 2007, coordinated the exhibition + publicity for the Media Technology exhibition of 7 interactive installations, Scheltema, Leiden, The Netherlands   See poster for this

  • Crossing Borders, 1991, co-coordinated with 5 other Bahais, a 5 day arts event of lectures, concerts, performances, workshops, and an exhibition of works by 10 artists. More than 70 writers, dancers, theatre makers, performers, musicians and visual artists from over 15 countres, where half the participants came from the then 'east block' countries, University campus, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Workshops given


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  • Shocking Art, 2006
    3 three hour sessions for 10 adult participants at the 2006 Irish Bahai Summer school. The premise was to discuss work participants could find shocking, strange or upsetting and from that to look at issues of engagement and art practice and various ways of relating or not to the wider society.

  • More Details to come

Teaching Experience


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