Rewriting the Script

by Sonja van Kerkhoff, 1992

Rewriting the script
lithograph, 30 x 50 cm. Edition of 13. Two prints are available.
In private collections and public collections in New Zealand, Eindhoven + Maastricht.
Prices for unframed prints range from 400 euros - 600 euros, plus p + p.

The text is legible in most places and tells of a group of women and men attempting to rewrite a play so that women have an active role. The narrative is of a journey they undertake and many texts reference feminist literature. The 'window-like frame' is a metaphor for being able to see but not participate.
I also use this metaphor in the sculpture Memorials.

2009-1043 prints + paintings   Aderna Kapsalon, Leiden, The Netherlands

2008Nga Paepae Hou | New Vessels   Willisden Green Library Centre Gallery, London, U.K.

2004Oceania   Terpkerk, Urmond, The Netherlands.

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