Walking home alone

a series of related prints, paintings and drawings by Sonja van Kerkhoff, 1987

Walking home alone
1987, silkscreen print on paper.
18 x 21 cm. Edition of 26.
5 are copies still available on white, light or darker cream paper.
300 Euros plus p&p
on acid-free paper, unframed + unmounted.

Walking home alone with stars
1989, ink + pastel on paper.

This image is for sale.

I made the first drawings in 1987 in response to being warned by a flatmate that I shouldn't walk at home alone at night. It was made out of concern for me as I often arrived home very late after a folk club session. This wild one's walk was my response. Of course, the figure's walk is about freedom and having the freedom to walk alone and at night. I reworked this image into various drawings and paintings as well. Some paintings will be added here one day.

In 2008 incorporated this image to go with a section of Sen's poem New Vessels for an artist book and two exhibitions.

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