"It is not a tale invented..."

sculpture by Sonja van Kerkhoff + Sen McGlinn 2019
Kaipara Coast Garden Sculpture Trail
Dec 2019 - Nov 2020

     Sculpture by Sonja van Kerkhoff + Sen McGlinn
Three of the four elements (two chairs and a table).

"It is not a tale invented" comes from the Quran (Yusuf, 111) and refers to the reuse and repurposing of culture. Here there is a repurposing of context with a passing nod to the recycling, a play on dressed and natural woods, and the ways these are combined to create absurdist furniture.

This is a suite of 'add-ons' - upcycled broken furniture scattered in a pine forest of a sculpture park in New Zealand where branches and tree trunks were 'added' as a form of reverse engineering of the cultivated. The title refers to a citation in the Quran on the theme of things being re-made from the same as opposed to the modernist idea of the new. Each element in this suite also raises the Platonic question of what is it that defines a chair, a bench or a table.

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