Mā Te Kākano | Potential

Quest Art Space
58 Bank Street, Whangārei, Aotearoa | New Zealand
curated by Sonja van Kerkhoff

7 - 27 April 2024
open: Mondays - Fridays: 8am-5pm, Sat & Sun: 9am-4pm
Gallery contact: Lenny at creativenorthland.com

Explorations on what and where the seed can take us.
This exhibition is also a collaboration with the annual TreeCrops Association Photographic exhibition

instagram video/photos | short video on facebook | @sonjavank

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New age cloak, netting, ribbon tassels, fringes, by Bev Goodwin

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Inks on paper (each 30 x 41 cm) by Phil Dadson
A SEETHE, acrylic, crayon, pastel, pencil on plywood by Piet Nieuwland

Artists / Photographers | The TreeCrops Exhibition >>

Annette Ah Chee, Kirikiriroa / Hamilton

Bev Goodwin, Auckland | Tāmaki-makau-rau instagram.com

Binny Birch, Moerewa, The Far North | Tāmaki-makau-rau

Brenda Liddiard, Auckland | Tāmaki-makau-rau brendaliddiard.co.nz

Chris Schreuder, Whangārei, Northland | Te Tai Tokerau facebook.com/chris.schreuder

Cle Tukuitonga,Ōtangaroa, The Far North | Te Tai Tokerau

Darren-Beaudene Hita, Whangārei | Te Tai Tokerau

Emma Papadopoulos, Athens, Greece emmapapadopoulos.wordpress.com

Gianni Prencipe, Nelson, Marlborough

Huriana Gilet, Kaitaia, The Far North | Te Tai Tokerau

Jason Povey, Whangārei

Jeff Thomson, Helensville jeffthomson.co.nz

Judy Stokes, Dargaville | Te Tai Tokerau judystokesphotography.com

Miriam von Mulert, Whangārei area | Te Tai Tokerau reyburnhouse.co.nz

Michelle Newman, Cable Bay, The Far North | Te Tai Tokerau

Phil Dadson, Auckland | Tāmaki-makau-rau thearts.co.nz/artists/phil-dadson

Piet Nieuwland Whangārei area, Northland | Te Tai Tokerau pietnieuwland.com

Raewyn Turner, Auckland raewynturner.com

Roland Stenger, Kirikiriroa / Hamilton

Ruth Genet, Mangōnui, The Far North | Te Tai Tokerau

Sen McGlinn, Kawakawa, Northland | Te Tai Tokerau sculpturebysen.wordpress.com

Sonja van Kerkhoff, Kawakawa, Te Tai Tokerau / The Hague, The Netherlands sonjavank.com

Sophia Dadson, Auckland | Tāmaki-makau-rau

Ursula Christel, Warkworth (South Africa) ursulachristel.com

Valma Shanks, Awanui, The Far North | Te Tai Tokerau

Yuki Fukuda, Whakatū | Nelson

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Quest Art Space overview. Right to Left: works by Bev Goodwin, Phil Dadson and Piet Nieuwland

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Pod II, 60 x 60 cm, acrylic & collage on canvas, by Brenda Liddiard
I AM A SEED (He kākano ahau), photographic print by Cle Tukuitonga. A visit to the Auckland Museum. White lettering refers to the breath shared between 12yr old nephew and ancestor as they hongi. White outlines represent the mauri (life force)
te whenua (the land), photographic print by Cle Tukuitonga.
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10 photographs by Treecrop members in the exhibition within the exhibition.
Past, Present, Future, laser print relief by Jason Povey. THE ART OF CONNECTION and TO BE TREASURED by Judy Stokes.

Photographs, left to Right: Ngā wawata o te kākano - Aspirations of the seed by Annette Ah Chee. The illusory context of the finger lime (Citrus australasica)
alludes to the latent potential of the cross-pollinated seed in nature. Finger lime → Buddha hand (Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis)…?

The life of a lemon sucks by Annette Ah Chee. From the beginning (an optimistic seed) to the end (juice). The skew of the glass symbolises the delicate balance
in nature. Te kaakano poorangi - The crazy impatient seed.

Koroī by Ursula Christel
Shades of Sunshine (with Kahikatea Sapling)
by Ursula Christel

Bananas Ōtangaroa by Cle Tukuitonga. Originally 2 hip high banana pups from Sonja and Sen 5/6yrs ago.
15+ trees have grown since. We share the fruit and pups with family and friends. They can’t believe it!

Seed: The expression of joy by beings that 'crystallize' nectar and pollen
by Gianni Prencipe.
Bucket full of floriferous orchard understory seeds. Saving seed is having and sharing hope.

Shades of Sunshine (with Kahikatea Sapling) by Ursula Christel. As the tallest native tree in Aotearoa,
I chose the Kahikatea to express the link between energy and potential - sunlight and seeds. Seeds are
tiny latent vessels containing blueprints to start new life; and sunlight is the primary energy source for
the seed to achieve its full potential. Sunlight supports the germination process by warming the soil;
and once leaves have sprouted, sunlight supports plant growth through photosynthesis. The Kahikatea
berries, known as koroī, provide a valuable food source for native species like tūī, kererū/kūkupa
(wood pigeon), lizards and invertebrates, as well as for people. In March this year, the female trees
were fruiting in Warkworth. Because these attractive seeds are edible, their wide dispersal
via ingestion and defecation is guaranteed; enabling the cycle to begin again.


Weather Report (Photo 1983 Matakana Island Bay of Plenty) by Piet Nieuwland.

The wheel turns
From a whispering silky sea / weightless turquoise sky
To ribbons of air unwinding skeins of letters
Of a leaden sky / grey metallic green ocean
Torn surf flecked with stretched foams and pale blues
Bream Bay coastal current vectors twist and roll
On this periphery of ragged headlands and islands
The horizon not a line but a zone of incrementally
Rising undulations driven in from Antarctic ice shelf melt
Arctic melt, glacier melt, permafrost melt, thermal expansion
Mesmerizing in their fresh salt laden intrigues
That leaves on the high tide flotsam / jetlag line
A pig (sow), bloated, fly-blown on a spit (sand)
Bunch of bananas (lady finger) edible
Plastic star jump toy (green)
Fragments of childhood memories (happy) and distressed
The swells find they have no-where else to go
Fall into a jumble of meter and structure
Theories of cultural greed, life / art
As object / dream / practice / process
Also described as sea level rise crisis panic

Poem published in Given Words, National Poetry Day 2020

Homegrown bananas, Whatawhata, 2024 by Roland Stenger. The photo shows some of our first homegrown
bananas, encouraged by tasting NZ-grown bananas for the first time at a fruit stall in Rawene (= 'seed') five years earlier.

Silver Fern (ponga), in our urban ngahere kei Kawakawa, Te Tai Tokerau
Sonja van Kerkhoff, 2024
Ferns are an ancient plant family over 300 million years old. They reproduce through their spores.
Fern spores grow on the underside of the leaves. Silver fern ‘seeds’ (spores)

He Whakatū Raihi – Rice Grown in Nelson,

March 2024 photos by Yuki Fukuda (Japanese rice (variety: Yukihikari)

This is the first successful rice growing trial in Nelson (as far as we know).
We created a 2x2 m experimental plot to grow a Japanese rice variety, Yukihikari (snow light),
which was kindly provided by Yoshimasa Sakurai who had grown rice in Kaiwaka since the 1990s.
Rice is an Asian taonga - hundreds of products can be created from both straw and rice,
including housing, clothing and food. Despite the average annual rice consumption per capita increasing to 17kg,
our country relies 100% on the imported rice.
Large-scale rice production in Aotearoa is a crucial step towards adapting to climate change, improving food security
and celebrating our cultural diversity.

In the Wind, watercolour on 300 gms CP paper, 41 x 60 cm by Michelle Newman, Cable Bay, Te Tai Tokerau,
SCATTERLINGS, photographic print, 42 x 42 cm, and BELIEVE IN MAGIC, photographic print by Judy Stokes, Dargaville.
Acrylic on paper (three pieces) by Sophia Dadson Auckland | Tāmaki-makaurau

The TreeCrops Association Photographic exhibition
+ the 2024 Dick Roberts Award

- An exhibition within an exhibition -
7 - 19 April 2024, then at Barge Park, 20-21 April

An exhibition of double a5 images - like the title in Māori above - the seed makes it happen - there is a photograph and then a second page or image or poem about that plant, tree, or flower.

1. Annette Ah Chee, Waikato -Thames / Coromandel
2. Annette Ah Chee, Waikato -Thames / Coromandel
3. Cle Tukuitonga, Northland / Te Tai Tokerau
4. Gianni Prencipe, Nelson / Tasman
5. Ursula Christel, Warkworth, Auckland
6. Piet Nieuwland, Northland / Te Tai Tokerau
7. Roland Stenger, Waikato
8. Sen McGlinn, Northland / Te Tai Tokerau
9. Sonja van Kerkhoff, Northland / Te Tai Tokerau
10. Yuki Fukuda, Nelson / Tasman

Bananas Ōtangaroa by Cle Tukuitonga
Seed: The expression of joy by beings that 'crystallize'
nectar and pollen by Gianni Prencipe

He Whakatū Raihi - Rice Grown in Nelson, March 2024, by Yuki Fukuda


Curated by Sonja + others   Sonja's c.v.