The continuously expanding space...  

Big Ones and Small Ones

Installation on 3 levels in an old archival building, The Hague, 1999

A collaboration between Jacqueline Wassen, Gaudi Hoedaya, Sen McGlinn and Sonja van Kerkhoff.

Behind the window beyond the video installation, Grains of salt we hung Sonja´s work, Big Ones

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of the newspaper wall
The two transparencies hung on the outside of the 'archival' spaces brought the inside out or the outside in.

These images of 'staged' children at play served as a both a complement to the serious tone of the newspaper articles as well as a connection with the floor below where the two visually similar "Small Ones" were hung.

One small photographic image showed a child's hand and the other a child's foot. Both limbs had been partly coloured in with a black felt pen and were surrounded by texts relating to self-awareness.
The two larger than life-size transluscent photographs show gestures are that are ambiguous. One stands on one leg holding his head in his arm and the other is bent over, feet wide apart, about to roll a rock over in the sand. The title refers not just to size, but also to telling 'big ones' - stories.

The continuously expanding space...
Installation on the three top floors of an old archival building
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