Manners of Speaking - Te Pūkoro o Tāne

Geoff Wilson Gallery, NorthTec, Whangārei, New Zealand
curated by Sonja van Kerkhoff with 3rd year NorthTec Art and Design students

opened 21 Feb 2020. New Zealand was in lockdown, 26 March - 13 May. The show opened on 14 May and closed on 1 July.
This 12 min video on youtube gives an overview

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Left to Right: (detail) May the spring bloom beneath your feet, animation by Lipika Sen & Prabhjyot Majithia, Muted by Ursula Christel,
3 piece assemblage (toolbox, aerosol can and fire extinguisher) by Jeff Thomson, Fluidity of Memory (triptych) by Hilda Simetin,
Talking sticks, korare stems + acrylic paint, by Carolyn Lye, The Map of Hard Places, Mixed media on board, by Brenda Liddiard,
688, photograph of 688 ceramic vessels by Naomi Roche, Buona e' la neve che a suo tempo viene (Good is the snow that comes in its time), photograph by Chiara Rubino,
Truisms, five circular forms + Father and son mirrored, print on aluminium by Sonja van Kerkhoff Āta Haere (Slow Down) sign design and photograph by Cle Tukuitonga,
Photograph by Giacomo Silvano, Nikau D'urville, sea chart, ink, resin, by Robert Brown, What kind of idea, print on aluminium by Sonja van Kerkhoff,
Aderman islands, sea chart, ink, resin, by Robert Brown, Te Ara ki Rangihoua: The Way to Rangihoua, scallop shells, brown string, moko adhesive, by Yllwbro (Courtesy Mokopōpaki)
Vogel, ceramic bird, by Jacqueline Wassen, Geolith, video by Brit Bunkley, Corrugated and separated (ironing board), by Jeff Thomson

31 artists

Alicia Courtney, Moerwera, The Far North,
Andrea Gardner, Whanganui
Ashleigh Taupaki, Auckland,
Brenda Liddiard, Auckland,
Brit Bunkley, Whanganui
Carolyn Lye, Karetu, The Far North,
Catrina Sutter, Russell / Kororāreka
Chiara Rubino, Matera, Italy,
Cle Tukuitonga, Otangaroa, The Far North,
Elaina Arkeooll, London, UK,
Giacomo Silvano, Irsina, Italy,
Hilda Simetin, Auckland
Jacqueline Wassen, Maastricht, The Netherlands,
Jamie Larnach, Auckland
Jarred Taylor + others, Whangārei,
Jeff Thomson, Helensville,
Joas Nebe, Germany
John Hoby, Millwater,
John Mulholland, Warkworth
Maartje Zandboer, The Hague, The Netherlands,
Naomi Roche, Waikato,
Lipika Sen & Prabhjyot Majithia, Auckland,
Peter Scott, Kerikeri,
Piet Nieuwland, Whangārei
Robert Brown, Whangaparāoa,
Sam Melser, Auckland
Sonja van Kerkhoff, Kawakawa
Tash Nikora, Whangārei,
Tracy Singer, Auckland
Ursula Christel (Mokopōpaki), Warkworth
Yllwbro (Mokopōpaki), North Island

Watch the 12 min video on youtube | blog with more images

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Left to Right: Adjust to the Driving (2018)
Acrylic, oil, pencil, printed perspex,
metal lugs on board(92 x 61cm), found side tables, clock, globe
Stop Making Sense (2018)
Acrylic, oil, pencil, spray paint, newspaper,
gold leaf, adhesive, sealant on board(61 x 46cm),
plywood, spray paint, picture frames
by Ursula Christel.

ogen zijn de spiegels der ziel
(eyes are the mirrors of the soul)

Photographic film on a Dutch Zeeland Oyster
shell by Martje Zandboer.
Detail of a painting by John Hoby.

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Still in the video "Manners of Speaking – Te Pūkoro o Tāne" showing
"Te Ara ki Rangihoua: The Way to Rangihoua" (2018), Scallop shells, brown string, moko adhesive by Yllwbro
with the five students who hung each work at their chest height.
Watch the 12 min video on youtube

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