Dans le jardin des beaux arts


(The project),   2001  


Art project by
Jacqueline Wassen
Sen McGlinn
and Sonja van Kerkhoff.
In the ARS AEMULA NATURAE courtyard,
Pieterskerkgracht 9a,
Leiden, The Netherlands

6 May - 2 June 2001

Cover of the catalogue.

Ten images were printed onto transluscent sheet and inserted into the windows around the entrance of the front door.

Forty-four artists were invited to provide new or existing work. In contrast to an
art exhibition, where art is on display
and easy to view, the art in this courtyard is partly embedded in the environment
of the courtyard buildings and gardens.

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Works reproduced on transluscent sheet in the windows on each side of the door are by:
Left: Dave Taylor, Coskun Dogruluk + Beth Yazhari
Right: Andrea Gardner, Brit Bunkely, Josh Homnick + Johannes Birringer

Image right: Above the entrance to the courtyard:
Left: Collage by Polly Gould
Right: "Tulips from Istanbul" by Sonja van Kerkhoff
Box-form high on left wall: Jacqueline Wassen.
Centre: (in rose window): cloth sculpture by Jessy Rahman
Lower window: The Gifts of Time Mail Art Project.
Lamp: Collages by Joke Elzinga

Participating artists    (click on a name to see their work):   --not all links are here (yet)

Alan Murdock (USA), Alexis Hunter (UK), Andrea Gardner (NZ), Anne Nomrowski (D), Beth Yazhari (USA), Brit Bunkley (NZ), Christophe Doucet (France), Coskun Dogruluk (NL), Dave Taylor, (USA), Dietmar Vollmer (D), Dirk van de Weijer (NL), Dorine Hulshof (NL), Elena Ostrer (Russia), Filipe Tohi (NZ), Geeske Harting (NL), Geoff Broadway (UK), Hanneke van Buitenen (NL), Jacqueline Wassen (NL), Jacomien Souverijn (NL), Janita Appa (UK), Jessy Rahman (NL), Jill Studd (NZ), Joanna Margaret Paul (NZ), Johannes Birringer (USA), Joke Elzinga (NL), Josh Homnick (USA), Kathleen Bunin (Canada), Lee Anne Wilson (USA), Liz Coats (NZ), Margaret Nagawa (Uganda/UK), Marina Schoenmaekers (NL), Marjan Melkert (NL), Merle Anderson (NL), Myriam Bargetze (Lichtenstein), Myrtle Brongers (NL), Ninni Tang (NL), Paul Meeuwesse (NL), Paul Rayner (NZ), Peter Nilov (Russia), Polly Gould (UK), Rachel Bacon (USA/NL), Richard Paton (UK), Sen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff (NL), Tamatea van Kerkhoff-McGlinn (NL), Tarasieh Werle-Vahdat (Ecuador), Trish Flannery (NL), Wim van Egmond (NL).


Small objects or reproductions of paintings or print are framed or partly covered by foliage. For example the 29 homemade paper teepees by American artist Lee Anne Wilson are hidden around the garden and the trees.

So the visitor has to walk, crouch or move the leaves to view work, which is linked directly to the environment in the courtyard.

Alexis Hunter's (U.K.) painting made for this show has been cut into five strips and hangs a little like a wind chime from the branches of a tree.


Belgium-based artist Rachel Bacon's work dissolves into nature. They are cast salt building blocks. >>

The CDrom, "Dans le jardin des beaux arts" is an adventure in varying levels and layers. It incorporates interactive elements, some the work of the artists in this project, video clips from the project at the Sarjeant Gallery in New Zealand and, later, elements from the exhibition in Leiden.
One day this will be finished. Some elements of this are here: A time for every ...

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