Galerie TamTam, 5 t/m 28 juni 2009
TamTam festival, Leiden Noord, 12 juni t/m 22 juni 2009

The Art in Windows Show

Galerie TamTam, 5 t/m 28 juni 2009Galerie TamTam, 5 t/m 28 juni 2009Galerie TamTam, 5 t/m 28 juni 2009Galerie TamTam, 5 t/m 28 juni 2009

Artists speak | Workshops by artists | Guided Tours

Opening: 5 June 2009 Beatrixstraat, Leiden North
5 p.m. Poems (in Dutch) by Piet Franzen
5:15 p.m. The Leiden councillor for culture, Jan-Jaap de Haan, opens the exhibition.

Temporary installations / performances
3.30 p.m. - 7 p.m.
"Pooltable", Tim Flitcroft, (London, UK)
"Guess the Artist", Calum F. Kerr, (London, UK)
"His/her personal sky", Miyuki Kasahara, (Japan/London, UK)
"Parking Spaces for Important Visitors" , Sen McGlinn (Leiden)
"Greetings from Leiden", Sonja van Kerkhoff (Leiden)
5:30 p.m. - 6:10 p.m.: Tama McGlinn on piano on the street, (Leiden)

The TamTam Salon:
Ben's Cafe
Beatrixstraat 6, Leiden

8 June

Tim Filcroft (London, UK), Miyuki Kasahara (Japan/London, UK),
Elaine Arkell (London, UK), Sonja van Kerkhoff (Leiden)

The Galerie TamTam Salon
Elaine Arkell (London) as the "Tourist Smoker"

The Galerie TamTam Salon

The Galerie TamTam Salon
Tim Flitcroft (London) showed video footage
of his performance from June 5th.

The Galerie TamTam Salon
The Galerie TamTam Salon

Miyuki Kasahara (Japan / London) spoke about her

The Galerie TamTam Salon

15 June

Piet Franzen (Leiden),
Ludy Feyen (Leiden)

Piet Franzen (in de photograph) discusses his Sidac-Codex series. He made 255 of these art-sculpture books between 2000 and 2005.

Ludy Feyen showed a video of her theatre-performance-installation project, Salix Slinger which took place in the Leiden nature park, Cronenstyn in 2008.

The police entered during the evening expecting to find illegal immigrants and continued to treat the Moroccan workers abruptly until we made our presence known to them. We suspect this happened because the shop had the blinds pulled down for the projections.

The Galerie TamTam SalonThe Galerie TamTam Salon

Photographs: Leidi Haaijer

22 June

Elsbeth Klink (Leiden), Leidi Haaijer (Den Bosch), Julia Rice (USA/Leiden), Mareke Geraedts (Leiden).

Workshops by artists

12 Juni, 10 - 12 p.m.

"Origami" by Miyuki Kasahara, Japan/London

Rondedans, Julianastraat 74

London based Japanese artist Miyuki Kasahara will invite the public to this using a 1 m x 1 m sheet of paper and fold it to make a traditional crane.
In the beginning of session, each participant will be asked to write their wishes on the big sheet of paper provided for each person.
Then Miyuki will demonstrate how to fold. This folding paper process will be a bit like gymnastic exercises as they need to use all of their limbs. After the session, we can go to the canal nearby or let them fly somewhere to make their wishes. Also they can keep them if they like.

Japanese legend states that if you fold 1000 cranes then a wish will be granted on you. So you can make silent wishes while your crane are leaving.
The making of these cranes became internationally known as a symbol of peace after 1000 were made by a Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki who died of Leukemia in 1955. This disease was contracted as a result of the Hiroshima bomb in 1945.
The launching of Giant Origami Peace Crane could represent an urban bombing raid or something more hopeful.

Guided Tours of the show or part of the show

Sunday, 6 June, 12 p.m., 19 June, 5 - 6 p.m.

Sonja van Kerkhoff gave walking tours starting at Beatrixstraat nr. 3. (corner of the Bernhardkade) and finishing at "de kooi" community centre, Driftstraat 49, about an hour later.

Galerie TamTam is organized by: Sonja van Kerkhoff + Ferry Rigault
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