Passio ad Irsina | Passion play in Irsina

23 min 2 sec, video with music by Leo Walton, New Zealand

by Sonja van Kerkhoff, 2018

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A village participates in the passion play showing the relevance of a story everyone knows since childhood. Filmed on Good Friday 2018 this video shows the play between the audience, some dressed as extras, some as mobile lighting, and others also documenting the event, against the drama portrayed. The original composition by Leo Walton simultaneously adds metaphor and realism to the flow of the constantly dissolving points of view.

This footage was a chance encounter two days into a 6 week residency in Irsina in southern Italy which became a means for getting to know the cleaners, recent refugees, shopkeepers, priests and in particular the photographers of this town of 5000. The film shows the involvement of everyone from all walks of life. A Baha'i herself, religious subject matter in relation to today's world is a recurring theme in Sonja's artworks.

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Music: Original composition by Leo Walton, New Zealand.

Photographers: Raechel Bratnick, Tonino Catena, Antonio Godstime Okojie, Rossella Persia, Chiara Rubino, Vito Bozza, Mario Bruno Liccese

Concept | video: Sonja van Kerkhoff, 2018

Passion Play Location: Irsina Old Town, Basilicata, Italy | Irsina Passio Christi Borgo Antico

Production | Produzione :
Eufemia & Anna Verrascina

Coordination | Concetto:
Don Michele

Logistics/Sound | Logistica:
Michele Favata

Regista | Direction:
Angelo Diciocia

Narration | Narrazione:
Giuseppe Basile

Sarte | Costumes:
Angela, Maria, Teresa, Filomena, Giovanna, Marianna, Maria, C., Antonietta, Vittoria

Technicians | Tecnici:
Michele Favata, Angele & Michele Trabace, Alfio Serratore

Fotografia & Video | Photographs & Video:
Giacomo Silvano

Fotografia | Photographs:
Raechel Bratnick, Tonino Catena, Antonio Godstime Okojie, Rossella Persia, Chiara Rubino, Vito Bozza, Mario Bruno Liccese

Fatto come parte DEL "Arte Italia Tautoko Maori Association" 2018 residenza

Made during the 2018 "Arte Italia Tautoko Maori Association" residency

Thanks to | Grazie a:
Raechel Bratnick, Ann Cahill, Giacomo Silvano, Anna Maria Amenta & Bar Galleria

Video & Editing | Video & montaggio:
Sonja van Kerkhoff

Performers: Over 140 performers and extras.

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